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The Newell Post Restaurant ~ About Us

Deb and Dave Newell

The History behind The Newell Post

In 1993, Dave and I bought our first restaurant – Summer Freeze. It was a seasonal full-service take out restaurant and ice cream stand. The fast pace, friendliness of the customers, excitement and energy of doing three things at once kept things interesting and fun. We had a great staff of 15 teenagers who returned year after year. The staff kept us laughing, energized and young. But along with the fun and excitement were the long hours on our feet and the tiredness of our bodies by the end of the season. We weren’t getting any younger and each year got harder.

It was during those years at Summer Freeze that the seed for a breakfast restaurant here on the Penacook/Concord border was born. Many mornings, Dave and I woke thinking how nice it would be to head out to a local breakfast place for a cup of coffee and a sweet roll before the rush of our day began. A little down time, where we could collect our thoughts, come together and relax would have gone a long way to starting our busy day at Summer Freeze. It was during those years that we thought – someday we would like to start a new restaurant, a breakfast restaurant.

But, in 2008, when we sold Summer Freeze, opening a new restaurant was not even in our plans. Leaving behind a place we loved and work we enjoyed was closer to home. For 16 years we put our heart and soul into helping young adults learn the “ropes” of “working”; our customers had become our friends; our work was our life. Leaving proved to be very hard. So we took some time off and let life catch up with us. Dave got his much needed hip surgery and we got rest for our tired bodies. Spending time with our grandchildren became our greatest joy; traveling to Guatemala to learn Spanish was fun, new and exciting; seeing the pyramids in Egypt was awe inspiring; and lazing on the deck in our quiet back yard was peaceful. For quite awhile we enjoyed it … then life became too quiet, too slow.

We started to talk about the customers we missed, we thought about the staff and what were they doing now, we wanted to be busy again. But this time, we would do it different. This time it would be a small, warm, welcoming restaurant. A Breakfast Restaurant! So work began, in April of 2011, we went to the City of Concord and asked if we could open a breakfast restaurant – a small 63 seat restaurant on Fisherville Road – very near our home and in the community where we live and had worked for many, many years.

One year after we filed our plans with the City of Concord we opened the doors of our new restaurant – The Newell Post. We have enjoyed seeing many of our old customers, former employees, and getting the opportunity to meet new customers and friends. From our chefs, bakers, wait-staff, dishwashers and especially from us – Dave and Deb – we want to thank you for your support. Our chefs and bakers are working hard to provide you with awesome meals and our wait-staff is ready to greet you with a smile as you walk through our door.

Dave & Deb

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