HOURS: Monday — Saturday: 6am - 2pm | Sunday: 7am - 2pm

Daily Specials –  May 8 – May 14

Daily Menu Specials
Mon Breakfast: Ham and Swiss crepes with tarragon cream sauce

Lunch:  BBQ bacon cheeseburger with fried onions and lunch side

Tues Breakfast:  Deep fried stuffed french toast

Lunch:   Deviled egg salad sandwich with a lunch side

Wed Breakfast:  Morning glory pancakes with a cream cheese icing and walnuts

Lunch:  Fried pork cuban (ham, swiss, pickled red onion, honey mustard” and a lunch side

Thur Breakfast:   Frittata (bacon, onion spinach) with baked apples and toast

Lunch:     Focaccia  bruschetta with parmesan fries

Fri Breakfast: Three cheese spinach and artichoke omelet with homefries

Lunch:  Spaghetti carbonara with shrimp and garlic grissini

Sat Breakfast:  Grilled ham and eggs, redeye gravy, cheddar-chive biscuit and breakfast side
Sun Breakfast:   –  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY – Lemon lilac pain Perdu (French for french toast) topped with fresh berries and whipped cream
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