HOURS: Monday — Saturday: 6am - 2pm | Sunday: 7am - 2pm

Daily Specials –  June 18 – June 24

Daily Menu Specials
Mon Breakfast:  Bacon, tomato, avocado frittata with homefries and toast

Lunch:   Seafood baked mac and cheese with grilled garlic bread

Tues Breakfast: Banana nut French toast with a not so sweet drizzle

Lunch:        Cuba sandwich melt with French fries

Wed Breakfast:  Peanut butter cup cheesecake crepes

Lunch:  Newell Post chicken club with onion rings

Thur Breakfast:  Fajita omelet with loaded homefries (cheese, peppers and onions) and toast

Lunch:  BBQ pulled pork quesadilla with coleslaw

Fri Breakfast:  Breakfast enchiladas with homefries

Lunch:  Pecan crusted haddock: pan seared with a honey drizzle, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and a grilled dinner roll.

Sat All Day:  Boston crème pie waffle tower
Sun Breakfast:  Chicken broccoli alfredo omelet with a breakfast side and homemade breadstick
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